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Foals of 2003
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This is me (Teri) in the arena having some fun with the foals one recent morning.

Turbo, Cisco & Gunner (left), Gunner (middle) and Cisco (right)
Above photos taken by Barbara Prestridge (Cisco's owner)

Barbara and the 3 Amigos having a group confab (left), Cisco loves his big sister, Turbo (middle) and
the 3 Amigos are wondering what to do with a trail course! (right)

Bay Frame Overo Colt
AKA  "Cisco"
Gotta Wear Shades  X  Kenos April Fool (Coco)
Cocoa is a granddaughter of both Far Ute Keno & Blue Max
Born 4/27/03



    Barbara and her newborn colt! She got everything she wanted in a foal,
A colt, the right color and pattern, and a blue eye!
Congratulations to Barbara Prestridge on her dream come true!

Palomino Tovero Colt
"Gunner" aka the G Man
Kenos Riverdance  X  CR Shaded Image (by Gotta Wear Shades)
Born 4/9/03



Gunner's future is being planned already! Hopefully within 3 years, he will be standing
 along side of Grandpa Shades in our stallion line-up. He is quite the looker!


Chestnut Tovero Filly
 AKA "Turbo" the Wonder Filly
Gotta Wear Shades   X    Eyes A Diamond Miss (Nuggets)
Born 2/11/03

nugsfilly03birth1.jpg (98599 bytes)     nugsfilly03birthface1.jpg (51295 bytes)      nugsfilly03birthface2.jpg (55483 bytes)

nugsfilly03birthsleeping.jpg (101129 bytes)     wallphoto1.jpg (81892 bytes)     nugsfilly03arenaleft.jpg (108623 bytes)

nugsfilly03butt.jpg (68150 bytes)         nugsfilly03arenarun.jpg (55724 bytes)

This awesome filly is for sale, and will be available upon weaning!
Please contact the ranch for more information, or see the For Sale Page.

Chestnut Solid Colt
Gotta Wear Shades   X    Queens Blossom (APHA Breeding Stock)
Born 3/10/03

blossomscolt1.jpg (78187 bytes)      blossomscolt2.jpg (71162 bytes)      blossomscolt3.jpg (76860 bytes)

   blossomscolthip.jpg (101180 bytes)       blossomscolt4.jpg (120294 bytes)       blossomscoltrun.jpg (88266 bytes)

Congratulations to Jim Queen on the birth of this outstanding colt! 

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Last Updated 8/29/03
All Photos taken by Teri McCormick