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By   Gotta Wear Shades

Click on the thumbnails for larger photos. 
The foals (the ones we have pics of) are pictured in chronological year order, 
beginning in 1995 and ending in 2003 (He had all fillies in 2000, 2001 & 2002)
 I've included a picture of the foal with mom, whenever possible, to show the
 mares he has been crossed on.


     patchy.jpg (52273 bytes)    patchy1.jpg (34311 bytes)     patchyfront.jpg (42995 bytes)    patchy3.jpg (45443 bytes)
"Patchy" 1995 Red Roan Overo

            lukebutt.jpg (36967 bytes)    lukebirth.jpg (28084 bytes)     luke1.jpg (37950 bytes)
"Luke" 1996 Red Roan Overo (up in Issaquah, WA last I heard!)

         tufftwo.jpg (50717 bytes)     tufftwo1.jpg (46655 bytes)   cash.jpg (61619 bytes)   cash2.jpg (39412 bytes) 
"Tuff" 1996 Bay Overo (left) and "Cash" 1997 Chestnut B.S. both out of same mare.

    rascalbirth.jpg (38283 bytes)  rascal1.jpg (42085 bytes)   rascal4.jpg (56407 bytes)  rascalrun.jpg (40619 bytes)
"Rascal" 1998 Bay Overo (Owned by Stacey Lackey, Simonton, TX- Houston area)

    denver3hrs.jpg (42450 bytes)  denver1.jpg (42589 bytes)  denvercolts.jpg (53292 bytes)  coltsdenver3.jpg (50983 bytes)
"Denver" 1999 Palomino Overo (owned by Cactus Rose Ranch)

  coltsdusty1.jpg (40026 bytes)   coltsdusty2.jpg (52559 bytes)    dustyrun.jpg (24766 bytes) 
"Dusty" 1999 Dun Breeding stock  

      rootbeer.jpg (55887 bytes)  rootbeer1.jpg (45336 bytes)  chakoscolt1.jpg (53616 bytes)  chakoscolt2.jpg (57705 bytes) 
  "Rootbeer" 1999 bay overo (left) and "PC" 1999 Chestnut overo (right) 

blossomscolt1.jpg (78187 bytes)     blossomscolt2.jpg (71162 bytes)     blossomscolthip.jpg (101180 bytes)     blossomscolt4.jpg (120294 bytes)
2003 solid chestnut colt, out of a chestnut breeding stock mare.

Gunner, a 2003 palomino tobiano colt, out of CR Shaded Image, daughter of Shades, and by Kenos Riverdance, a cremello tobiano stallion. This is actualy a grandson of Shades,
 owned by Cactus Rose Ranch.

Cisco, a 2003 Bay overo colt, out of a smoky black overo mare.


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