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By Gotta Wear Shades

Click on the thumbnails for larger photos. 
The foals (the ones we have pics of) are pictured in chronological age order, 
beginning in 1995 and ending in 2002. I've included a picture of the foal with mom,
 whenever possible, to show the mares he has been crossed on.
All photos taken by Teri McCormick unless otherwise noted.

     mochachako.jpg (42553 bytes)   mochadance.jpg (57625 bytes)   mochafoalhead.jpg (28912 bytes)   mochafoalbutt.jpg (35835 bytes)       
    "Mocha" 1995 Black Overo, out of a black breeding stock paint mare. Mocha is now
a broodmare for us, and can be seen in more detail on the Mares page.
 (Owned by the Cactus Rose Ranch)

  blazebirth.jpg (18914 bytes)  blazerobin.jpg (53189 bytes)  blazefoal.jpg (46543 bytes)  blazeweanling.jpg (35409 bytes)
"Blaze" 1996 Red Roan Overo, out of a minimal white paint mare.     
Owned by Outlaw & Renegade Ranch, Landers, CA


   filliesdandy.jpg (69646 bytes)  filliesdandy1.jpg (45400 bytes)  filliesmaggie.jpg (53953 bytes)  maggieweanling1.jpg (44826 bytes)
"Dandy" 1996 Bay breeding stock (left) out of a Quarter mare,
and  "Maggie" 1997 Chestnut Overo, out of a minimal white paint mare.

   peachesbirth.jpg (20768 bytes)    peaches1.jpg (64815 bytes)    peaches.jpg (45498 bytes)    peaches2.jpg (45479 bytes)  
"Peaches" 1997 Strawberry roan solid , out of the same black BS paint mare up top 
(and her only solid to date)
(owned by Desert Rock Ranch, Big Spring, TX)

  dancerfoal.jpg (29233 bytes)    danceraz.jpg (34744 bytes)    filliesdancer2.jpg (43313 bytes)   filliesdancer.jpg (37957 bytes)
"Dancer" 1998 Chestnut Overo, again out of the same black mare!

  valentine1.jpg (74774 bytes)   valentine2.jpg (64653 bytes)   Val6-2000.jpg (73112 bytes)   valentine3.jpg (52713 bytes)
"Valentine" 2000 Chestnut solid, out of a bay tobiano mare
 (Owned by Mike Zuckerman of Big Bear, CA. ) 

    filliesfawna1.jpg (95310 bytes)   fawnaprance.jpg (72030 bytes)   fawnarun.jpg (68041 bytes)   fawna.jpg (52549 bytes)
"Fawna" 2000 Palomino Overo,  out of a palomino tovero mare. (see our Mares page)
This is her 2nd foal for us. Her first was a colt, Denver, who is on the Colts page.
 (owned by Lisa Thompson, an Equine Photographer) 

     cindysugarheads.jpg (30865 bytes)       cindypleasure.jpg (40054 bytes)   cindyluwho2.jpg (49631 bytes)
"CindyLu" 2001 Bay Overo, out of a dun Quarter mare  

   nuggetsfilly2002-1.jpg (31623 bytes)   nuggetsfilly2002-2.jpg (41033 bytes)   sierrarun.jpg (34826 bytes)   sierrahip.jpg (46199 bytes)
"Sierra" 2002 Palomino Overo, 3rd foal from the same palomino tovero mare above.

motherdaughter3.jpg (27065 bytes)    movingout.jpg (39289 bytes)    fillystanding.jpg (31244 bytes)    shammyplay.jpg (45872 bytes)
"Shammy" 2002 Palomino, out of a black overo mare. Her dam is Mocha, 
the now-grown mare that is the first foal on this page!
That makes her Shades 1st granddaughter.

nugsfilly03birth1.jpg (98599 bytes)  nugsfilly03birthsleeping.jpg (101129 bytes)     
"Turbo" 2003 Chestnut Tovero Filly, 4th foal out of Nuggets.
Now proudly owned by T Bar T Ranch, of Grapeland, Texas.

"Rosie" 2004 Palomino Tovero Filly, 5th foal out of Nuggets.  She is our eventual
breeding replacement for Nuggets, when it comes time to retire this great mare!

"Echo" 2004 Buckskin Overo filly, out of  Kenos April Fool, a smoky black overo.
Mare & Foal proudly owned by Barbara Prestridge, of Yucca Valley, CA.

"Pixel" 2005 Chestnut Overo filly, 6th foal out of Nuggets.
Now proudly owned by Becky Kelley of Yucca Valley, CA!
Nuggets 7th foal was a bay tobiano colt sired by WholeLottaDerby, of the T Bar T Ranch, Grapeland, Texas.

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