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Foals of 2002

2002 Palomino Overo Filly
Gotta Wear Shades   X   Eyes a Diamond Miss
Born 3/4/02

(Click on the thumbnails for larger photos)

nuggetsfilly2002-1.jpg (31623 bytes)   sierraheadleft.jpg (43651 bytes)    sierraheadright.jpg (29389 bytes)    riding4-4.jpg (24651 bytes)

        fillyrunning.jpg (15878 bytes)  sierraairborn.jpg (52480 bytes)  sierrajump.jpg (39040 bytes)  sierravisiting.jpg (42446 bytes)

2002 Palomino B.S. Filly
Kenos Riverdance   X   CR Shaded Image (by Gotta Wear Shades)
Born 3/17/02   (St. Patricks Day)

     motherdaughter4.jpg (34450 bytes)     shammyfun.jpg (44949 bytes)       shammysmell.jpg (53738 bytes)

shammyright.jpg (58889 bytes)     shammyrun.jpg (67183 bytes)     shammyplay.jpg (45872 bytes)     shammyitch.jpg (49088 bytes)

These awesome fillies are being offered for sale, and will be
 available upon weaning, sometime around late July.
Please contact the ranch for further information!

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