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Shades Dots the Eyes
Aka Pixel
2005 Chestnut Tovero Filly
Gotta Wear Shades   X    Eyes A Diamond Miss

Born 1/22/05

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"Pixel" is a drop dead gorgeous filly, and has excellent conformation! She is extremely athletic and floats like a feather when she runs. This filly will be able perform in any discipline you choose, her range of motion is incredible! Her beautiful head is one of her most outstanding features. Although the APHA registered her as overo, she looks like she has tovero characteristics, which would be a plus in anyones breeding program. This filly is smart and loves to be around people.

Shades Dots The Eyes

Gotta Wear Shades

 Chestnut Overo

Sonny Stallone
AQHA Sorrel

Sonnys Heir

Happy Quest

Badgers Dee Lite
Bay Overo

Yellow Badger
Sorrel Overo

KC Norfleet
Bay Solid

Eyes A Diamond Miss

Palomino Tovero

J Bar Kiptydoo
Sorrel Tobiano

Sage's Dude
Sorrel Tobiano

Yellow Tag
Dun Overo

Miss Joli Diamonds
Palomino Overo

Diamond Eyes
Palomino Overo

Miss Jo Lin

Since we have crossed Nuggest and Shades for a few years now, I am posting pictures of Pixel's older full brother and sisters for reference. We have kept Denver, since he is Nuggets & Shades only male to date.



(Top) Gotta Wear Gold, aka Denver (2 left photos) was born 2/2/99, and the 2nd photo was taken last spring. Gotta Wear Diamonds, aka Fawna (right photo) was born 3/23/00. and this photo was taken late summer of 2001.

(Bottom) Shades Golden Diva, aka Sierra, a 2002 filly. Photo taken as a yearling. (Middle) CR White Hot Diamond, aka Turbo, is our 2003 filly and this photo also taken as a yearling. She and Pixel are the only chestnuts born to date from this cross. (Right) is CR Rosellas Gold, aka Rosie, and is our 2004 filly. This photo  was taken  last spring, during some roundpen training. Turbo is now at

the T Bar T Ranch, which has recently relocated to Texas. She is going well under saddle, and will enter their broodmare band this year. Rosie is still here with us and will be Nuggets breeding replacement in another year. Nuggets has been crossed on Gunner this year, for a 2007 foal.

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